The first capital for purpose-driven entrepreneurs solving systemic challenges to planetary health.

Nucleus Capital is a Climate Deep-Tech VC.

It's our belief that entrepreneurial innovation is indispensable to mitigate the climate crisis.

Stage focus: Pre-Seed & Seed

Ticket size: €150k - €1.0M

Geography: Europe and US

We most enjoy working with purpose-driven teams who have relentless ambition, deep domain expertise and creative ideas.

We are thesis-driven investors focused on three sectors:

Programmable Biology
Food Technology
Green Industrials


Yuri provides modular, reusable bioreactors and factories in space allowing scientists to harness the benefits of a zero gravity environment.


Every time humans have harnessed a new physics environment it led to exponential growth in knowledge and wealth creation. Exploiting gravity will lead to the next revolution in science and manufacturing. Unlocking the full potential of 3D cell cultures and growing crystalline structures in higher quality will drastically improve drug and advanced material discovery.
Meckenbeuren, Germany
Planet A Foods created ChoViva, the world's first 100% cocoa-free chocolate. Their product is natural and 10x more sustainable than conventional chocolate.

Planet A Foods

Cocoa is facing imminent threats from climate change and an increasing number of diseases. Up to 50% of the worldwide farming area is at risk. In addition, millions of hectares of rainforest were ploughed down for cocoa plantations during the last decade. Planet A Foods is able to recreate the building blocks responsible for mouthfeel, texture, brittleness, flavor and aroma release using specialized fermentation and roasting techniques. Their approach recreates the biomimetic consumer experience we all came to love while drastically reducing the industry's CO2 footprint.
Munich, Germany
Exceptional products should not be more work. Digital product and price updates, purchase orders, despatch advice and invoices for all local suppliers. Directly from your system.

Hier Foods

Berlin, Germany

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We partner with bold, purpose-driven founders at the nucleus of their journey.

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